Our Promise

Second best is not in our vocabulary. 


 Broadblue - Mark and Mark



Director Mark Jarvis is a lifelong sailor and sailing is much more than a business – it’s a fundamental way of life.

Broadblue epitomises that zeal and purpose – and that spirit infuses every catamaran that we build.







You will be glad you bought a Broadblue.

Every Broadblue catamaran is hand-built to order, and hand-built to last, and just as importantly hand-built to withstand the almighty power of the oceans our boats are designed to sail across.

Virtually any sailor will tell you that at least once in their lives, the weather has suddenly turned for the worse, conditions have altered dramatically, or an unexpected emergency has occurred. They have suddenly been faced with the ultimate challenge – and it is then that their faith in their boat has been put to the greatest test.


An absolute recognition of that challenge underpins the very spirit of Broadblue. 

Yes we design and build sleek, stylish, comfortable desirable sailing catamarans, but ultimately sheer substance is what matters most.

And you need to know that we have also designed and built in the strength and safety features that will allow you – and your crew- to be able to withstand whatever the oceans throw at you.

That’s when you will be glad that second best is not in the Broadblue vocabulary.

One Day.

Because we understand that above all other considerations, it is not you the customer who presents us with the greatest challenge, it is the sea itself. We recognise and respect that fact above all others. 

One day you may be very glad of that and be very glad of the fact that you are not just in a Catamaran, you are in a Broadblue Catamaran.