Broadblue 385S3

The 385S3 (Series 3) is our most popular model for long distance cruising and combines ease of handling with robust construction, modern hull form, quality craftsmanship and elegant joinery.  She  is designed for single or short-hand sailing and achieves this by combining a smaller mainsail and larger headsails with all lines led aft to the cockpit.  All sail handling can be done without needing to venture away from the cockpit. 

The Broadblue 385S3 is built to the highest level of European Recreational Craft Directive: Category A (Ocean) and is built using the highest standard materials. She is virtually unsinkable due to her watertight bulkheads and buoyancy compartments fore and aft. The keels are integrally moulded and sealed off from the hulls forming a double bottom. 

Our 385S3 customers have circumnavigated the World, enjoyed cruising around the Caribbean, Mediterranean and British Virgin Islands to name but a few and always lived the dream!