Rapier 400

The Rapier 400 redefines the fast cruising catamaran. 

Family cruising and performance sailing combined in one single handed capable fast catamaran.

A boat designed as a safe family cruiser with all the speed and excitement of a pure-bred racer.  Ultra modern lightweight composite construction with a high performance rig gives the sailing excitement we all crave.

The Rapier 400’s sea keeping capabilities and trademark Broadblue single saloon and cockpit configuration make it a great space for all the family. 

Long Roof or Short Roof?

The Rapier 400 is available in two versions. The short roof version has an open helm position, with the galley below or ‘down’ in the port hull. The long roof version has a fully enclosed helm position with the galley on the bridge deck. See the link below for an illustrative photo gallery.